Personal /Life Coaching

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Coaching is an opportunity to talk to someone who will help you unpack the various aspects contributing to the challenge(s) facing you and support you in identifying possible solutions or actions to resolve them.

As your coach I will not offer advice, but I will offer you my full attention and a commitment to assist you in developing your own solutions, insights, awareness and understanding of the issues.

Reasons for using a Personal /Life Coach

Coaching can be used to address issues you have identified in your private (home) life or in your professional (working) life, or issues that appear to impact all areas of your life.
Examples include:-
Being bullied at work – examining the options available
Considering marriage / divorce / moving house/becoming a parent
Finding a new job / Building a small business

If the issue(s) you are being challenged by currently have a particular or deep emotional impact for you it may be more appropriate to seek counselling/psychotherapy to support you at this time.

How I work

A coaching session is usually 50 minutes long with an additional 5-10 minutes at the beginning or end of each session for administration such as booking future appointments.

At the initial session you will have the opportunity to discuss the issue you wish to address in coaching, ask me any questions you may have about the way I work and find out if you think you would like to work with me.

Together we agree your coaching goal(s) and the number and regularity of subsequent sessions, incorporating at least one review of our progress. Coaching usually takes place over the course of 6 -12 weekly or fortnightly sessions.


Standard fee - £45 per session.
Initial session charged at half price, with no obligation to continue beyond the first session.

Making an appointment

If you would like to make an appointment please use the contact form on this website, or contact me on my mobile (07808 584203) or by email (

More Information

This website is compiled based on the view point of one coach, and it is important that you find the coach whom you feel able to work with.
To find out more information about how I work or to make an appointment please use the contact form on this website, or contact me on my mobile (07808 584203) or by email (

To find other Coaches use the BACP ‘Seeking a Therapist’ function. By selecting ‘Life Coaching’ as a reason for looking for a ‘therapist’ you will get a list of Coaches who also work as counsellors/therapists.